22 Year Old Cat is So Happy to Be Out of Shelter, Have Full Belly and Comfy Place to Spend Her Golden Years

22 Year Old Cat is So Happy to Be Out of Shelter, Have Full Belly and Comfy Place to Spend Her Golden Years

A feline, who is 22 years old, is overjoyed to have left the shelter and is now content with having a satiated tummy and a cozy spot to reside during her twilight years.

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Meet Thelma, a 22-year-old cat who was surrendered to a shelter in Brisbane due to financial constraints faced by her family. Upon learning about her situation and the fact that the shelter was unable to accommodate her, Best Friends Felines quickly stepped in to arrange a foster home for Thelma. Their goal was to ensure that the senior cat receives the love and care she deserves for the remainder of her life.

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When Thelma arrived at the shelterbestfriendsfelines, she was only 22 years old and in poor condition. The feline was malnourished, had missing fur patches, and definitely needed a loving home to retire in comfort. Fortunately, the shelter reached out to their local community for help through social media, and a kind-hearted volunteer offered to take care of her. Thanks to this compassionate gesture, Thelma was able to leave the shelter that same day and begin a new chapter in her life. No longer confined to a kennel, she can now enjoy a comfortable, peaceful life in a loving home.

22 year old cat thelma

When Thelma was brought in through transportation, she was not in good shape. She was extremely underweight, covered in mats, and had numerous bald spots on her body. Despite her physical condition, Thelma was a friendly andaorable lady who loved giving affection to anyone who came her way. She frequently nuzzled against her caretaker while kneading with her paws.

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At her new home with Best Friends Felines, she has discovered plenty of things to scratch and knead on. Following a long day at the vet’s office, they were able to remove all the tangled fur from her coat and give her a much-deserved spa treatment. The rescue organization mentioned that she has a shiny new coat without any mats. Despite being treated for a urinary tract infection, Thelma appeared to be doing well. She was purring nonstop and seemed completely content, as if she recognized that she was in safe hands.

22 year old cat thelma

Thelma is receiving excellent attention and loads of affection at Best Friends Felines. She’s now a part of the rescue organization’s palliative care initiative, which provides permanent refuge and support for senior cats and felines with special needs so they can live life to the fullest. Despite her challenges, Thelma is resilient and fearless, and has made a remarkable recovery thanks to expert care and a cozy atmosphere. With a devoted caregiver to tend to her every requirement, she’ll be able to savor her golden years to the fullest.

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The adorable cat has already roamedaound her new surroundings and discovered numerous cozy blankets and cushions to curl up in. She enjoys snuggling with her humans on the large bed and cherishes every moment spent with them. In addition to her foster family, Thelma now has an array of fluffy toys to play with and nap alongside throughout the day.

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older cat thelma 22


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