A Bugs Life: Kitten Bоrn With Оne Eye and Оne Nоstril Іs Dоubly Sweet

A cute and adorable little feline, known as “Bug,” came running and purring up the driveway of a woman’s house in the Orlando area. This lonely tuxedo kitten was only six weeks old and had a unique appearance with one working eye, a single nostril, and a cleft lip. Unfortunately, at that young age, she suffered from an upper respiratory infection, which was likely exacerbated by her difficulty breathing through one nostril. But despite these health challenges, Bug remained a hopeful and lovable companion.

Bug made a wise decision to approach an empathetic woman for assistance, who lifted her up and brought her indoors, naming her adorably. The woman then contacted Ashley from Liberation Cat House, who fortunately had ample room to shelter Bug. Ashley recognized the name Bug quite well.


Bug, the feline celebrity, turned out to have some serious health problems, though she remained unaware of her condition. Despite her health issues, Bug continued to exude boundless energy and charm everyone she met, including the staff at the vet’s office. Her unique, quirky personality won over numerous followers online, who were drawn to her playful and cuddly nature. Ashley, Bug’s owner, revealed that the kitten had a heart murmur and a congenital eye condition, and required specialized medical attention. Fortunately, Bug’s upbeat attitude and infectious energy inspired many kind-hearted people to donate generously towards her treatment. For many, Bug’s confidence and energy served as a source of hope and inspiration.

Following a visit to the specialist, they discovered that Bug had a common heart condition known as restrictive ventricular septal defect or “hole in the heart.” In addition, she was found to have an underdeveloped eye with cataracts. However, Ashley had prior experience caring for a kitten with similar eye conditions named Louie. Despite these health concerns, Bug remained curious and energetic, continuing with her kitten-like antics. Ashley mentioned that Bug’s positive attitude and energy gave her hope despite her health challenges. However, her long-term prognosis was uncertain and would require lifelong check-ups and medications. Bug’s playful nature made it difficult to capture her in photographs, but Ashley adored her spirit and love for her lobster toy. Eventually, Bug found a new home where her family would need to be prepared to provide her with ongoing medical care.

The unique kitten created a lot of buzz during her meet-and-greets, capturing the hearts of everyone who met her. One artist named Emma, who happened to be fostering the kitten, even created an adorable portrait of her.
After the holidays, it was time for Bug to find her forever home with someone committed to providing her with the long-term care she needed. Fortunately, in early January, Bug flew to her new home in Pittsburgh where she would have access to a local veterinary cardiologist and all the care she required.
Bug’s new owner had experience with special needs animals and was fully dedicated to giving Bug the best life possible. Additionally, Bug had other feline companions at home, including a 6-month-old kitten to keep her company. The fosterer was thrilled to hear that Bug was settling into her new life and had everything she needed to thrive.

At last, the long-awaited moment arrived when Bug was set to embark on her airplane journey to her new abode. Ashley was confident that Bug would have a splendid time at her new home. As soon as Bug emerged from her bag at the airport, she managed to make some acquaintances and gain quite the audience!
Although Ashley would miss Bug dearly, she had no qualms about Bug’s future outlook. Ashley was aware of Bug’s bravery and eagerness to explore, so she was certain that Bug would adjust effortlessly to her new surroundings, and since she adores other cats, Ashley believed that Bug would be thrilled to meet her new furry companions.

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