A Dog’s Tale of Resilience and Happiness

Meet Matute, the adorable dog that was once a stray but is now happily employed at a petrol station. Unfortunately, Matute had a rough start in life as he used to scavenge for food on the streets and sleep in unsafe places like the middle of the road. One day, a kind-hearted individual found him injured after being hit by a car in Campinas, So Paulo, Brazil, in March 2022. Ever since then, the local community, especially the workers at the gas station, has shown their support for Matute. He is now working as a happy employee at the petrol station.

Matute has been doing really well in his recovery and has even received his first outfit- a service station uniform- through a promotional campaign. Additionally, the dog seems to be quite happy on social media where there are various accounts dedicated to him. It is likely that the gas station staff have been instrumental in creating and sharing information about Matute.

According to one of the staff members, Matute’s scars on his face might frighten some people, but there’s no need to worry because he doesn’t feel any pain in that area anymore. These scars are from his past life on the streets, and they’re visible on his Instagram page. The staff members at the facility are proud of the young man who brought Matute to them and celebrate his efforts.

Without his assistance, Hooch may have met his demise on the pavement. Matute was granted a second opportunity that should be afforded to all of us.

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