A Pup’s Tale of Overcoming Abandonment and Finding Love

Bluebelle’s gratitude shone through as she was rescued from an empty parking lot in Austin, Texas. This senior pittie had only her dog bed to protect her from the scorching hot pavement. When animal protection officers finally arrived, Bluebelle gazed up at them with a mixture of sweetness and sadness. It was clear that she was incredibly thankful for their help, and she eagerly accepted treats from their hands.


Stephanie McCutcheon, who works as the marketing and volunteer coordinator at the Austin Animal Center, shared the story of Bluebelle’s rescue. According to her, Bluebelle seemed extremely thankful and relieved to be saved and taken to the shelter. She was seen drinking a lot of water upon her arrival and sleeping comfortably in her bed, enjoying the cool air conditioning for the first few days.


At the Austin Animal Center, Bluebelle, estimated to be around 9 years old, is finally receiving the proper care she requires. Her bald patches and reddened skin stem from a case of demodex mange, a condition caused by skin mites, along with conjunctivitis in both eyes, which she is presently being treated for. Nonetheless, Bluebelle remains upbeat despite it all. According to McCutcheon, she maintains a cheerful demeanor in spite of her health issues, flashing an adorable smile and even showing off a little spring in her step. The center’s compassionate animal care staff and veterinarians have been keeping a close watch on her, ensuring she receives the best possible treatment.


The staff at the shelter recognized that Bluebelle would be happier in a warm home, and fortunately, she found a foster family rapidly due to her charming personality. According to McCutcheon, despite her unkempt appearance, she is still loving towards humans and recently got along well with a prospective foster family and their dog. As a result, Bluebelle will be leaving the shelter soon.


Bluebell will begin her quest for a permanent home where she can receive love and care for the rest of her life once her health concerns have been addressed. However, for the time being, she is content with having a cosy shelter and a comfortable dog bed where she can unwind and sleep peacefully.

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