A Wild Fox And A Kitten Go To Great Lengths To Continue Their Friendship Despite Isolation

Animals, regardless of their species, have no concept of grudges or retribution, nor do they suffer from pride, much less judge a priori.

Because this is unique to humans, they have a tendency to form cordial relationships with one another, which many of us would like to be able to replicate. In reality, they do everything out of love.

A fox and a cat, who are neighbors and reside in Vico Equense, a city on the Sorrento Coast in Italy, are the lovely heroes of this story. During the quarantine, a really adorable friendship that appears to be straight out of a cartoon movie has spread over social media.

Although it was difficult for us to stop sharing with our companions and accept the loneliness of confinement, these dear buddies have no concept of isolation and, in any case, they persevere in their desire to see each other and frolic together, as they usually do. have created

So it is that this wild fox and this domesticated feline have formed an unbreakable bond and do the unthinkable to meet every day, but this time in a very punctual manner: they do so through a window colliding their gazes to get to know each other well enough that they can no longer live without each other.

This is Kimba, a kitten that was adopted by, a resident of the aforementioned Italian town, when he discovered her suffering, with her tail sliced in half, after resting inside the engine of a truck to defend herself from the extreme cold.

Now that her human has given her a better life, she has become the loyal companion of a fox named Lula by Sergio, and she insists on keeping in contact with the outside world in whatever manner she can to keep up with any news about his buddy. He has thousands of adventures with the games with whom he has spent his time.

“Lula and the cat essentially grew up together and were close friends in the end.” According to Sergio, “the fox punctually knocks on the door until the cat who lives in the home comes out to welcome him every night, even in these days of forced isolation by us human people.”

After this cheeky hunter entered Sergio’s house, lured by the scent of the cat who generally stayed purring on the house’s terrace, the wonderful brotherhood was established.

It was love at first sight from the start, and despite the fact that a fox is a tough animal to tame, he adores sharing the luscious food that Sergio gives and sets on your doorway every night, without fail.

“When we’re sitting on the couch watching TV, Lula bangs on the door continuously until it’s opened. She visits her every night. “She arrives at daybreak the next day, unless when there are heavy storms, in which case she arrives at dawn the next day,” Di Martino continued.

The quest for comfort among animals of various species might explain this occurrence of intimacy between them. With the passage of time and coexistence, they learn to play together and form strong bonds, seeking for methods to communicate, if only to relieve their loneliness and imprisonment.


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