Abandoned Feral Kitten Was ‘A Lot to Handle,’ But is Socialized By Family Cat

After being born with extra fingers and other health issues, a beautiful white cat is now taking social media by storm. With unique characteristics such as different colored eyes and extra toes on her paws, this adorable furball was abandoned but has now become a sensation on social media. The cat was born in New York City with a rare disease that has caused her to stand out in the crowd.


In the beginning of this year, Sansa, a six-year-old cat, was left behind at the city’s animal rescue center. However, due to various online initiatives, she has been able to gain more than 20,000 followers on social media and finally found a new forever home. Her unique physical features such as multicolored eyes and extra fingers have gained her popularity among her fans. According to Karen, Sansa’s new owner, many people appreciate her individuality which makes her stand out from the rest of the felines.


Meet Karen, a devoted animal enthusiast who is employed as a consultant at a reputable healthcare firm in town. Her line of work involves providing assistance to individuals with grave health issues and illnesses, which makes her well-attuned to people’s specific needs. As for Sansa, the woman didn’t adopt her because of her distinctive traits but as a means to save her from being restricted to a cat cage. Karen and her spouse first encountered Sansa just before a feline adoption gathering hosted by a rescue center in New York City.




Karen went on to say that after their trip, they noticed their cat Sansa behaving oddly. She would often roll her back uncontrollably and constantly attack her tail. It was confusing for them since they hadn’t seen a cat behave this way before. They filmed these incidents and showed it to the vet who eventually diagnosed the illness after running some tests.

The treatments that were given to Sansa did not work until they tried CBD oil for dogs. It was effective in stopping her from having these episodes. Now, Sansa lives a more peaceful life and has established herself as the queen of the home. She spends her days relaxing in their flat, which she has claimed as her own.


At six in the morning, Sansa wakes up feeling famished. If her parents don’t respond, she resorts to throwing things on the floor to get their attention. According to Karen, Sansa is quite clever and knows how to get what she wants. To keep track of her mischievous cat’s antics, Karen created an Instagram account to capture all the fun moments. Sansa may be apprehensive and genetically unique, but that only adds to her charm.


Due to her distinctiveness, getting people’s attention, creating awareness, and advocating for the adoption of special needs cats is a little simpler. The charming feline will keep relishing her new life with her adoring family and exhibiting her delightful peculiarities to her followers. You can find out more in the Animal On World section.


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