Animal Shelter Cat’s Strong Attachment to Rescuing Couple Highlights Deep Bonds Between Humans and Animals

Animal Shelter Cat’s Strong Attachment to Rescuing Couple Highlights Deep Bonds Between Humans and Animals


After rescuing a cat from a shelter, a couple is touched by the feline’s strong attachment to them, as it clings to them and refuses to let them go, highlighting the potential for animals to form deep and meaningful bonds with their human companions. The emotional significance of this event underscores the unique and valuable contributions that animals can make in our lives, helping us to find love, companionship, and a renewed sense of hope in the world, through acts of kindness and empathy towards all creatures great and small

Dan and Hannah, who reside in North Carolina, wanted to adopt a nine-year-old kitty. The lovely kitten clung to one of his parents with all legs, refusing to let go. His history became irrelevant from that point forward; he would spend the rest of his life surrounded by love.

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A volunteer from Chesapeake Cats and Dogs, an animal rescue facility in Maryland, contacted the married couple, explaining the predicament of the cat named Huggs, who was very shy and in terrible health, but the pair decided to give him a chance.

Dan said:

“I took the afternoon off work to look for him and traveled an hour. They had obviously forgotten about him. As they loaded him into the cat carrier for the voyage home, he gave out a meow that sounded like ‘no.’”

Dan chatted to him all the way to his new house to calm him down.

«I promised him I was going to clean it up and fix everything…»

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Huggs’ new parents converted their guest bedroom into the feline’s suite, brushed him, showered him with love, and after giving him pain medication, he began to purr.

Dan said:

“For the first several hours, we spend as much time as possible combing and stroking him. We were able to calm him down sufficiently for his fur to soften.”

Kitten clings to his parents after being rescued from a shelter

His health, on the other hand, was progressively improving.

Dan said:

“Shortly after we received him, he underwent a full tooth extraction and has been doing fine ever since.” He has some chronic issues, but he gets along with the other cats, eats well, and appears to be content.”

Huggs craves affection and is always demanding it from his parents, who have purchased a baby carrier to keep him close at all times.

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“When I get home from work at night, he physically turns me upside down and asks me to pick him up.” Then I wander around the house with him rubbing on my chin and purring like crazy. He also sleeps in our bed and purrs in our ears to wake us up ».


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