Baby Kitten Found With Serious Injuries Gets Rescued But Loses One Leg


One day, while out andaout, Sakrapee Pathomtodaorn came across a small kitten that was in a very pitiful state. The poor thing was crying out in agony due to the multiple wounds that covered its body. Being weak and frail, the chances of the kitten surviving were very slim. Most people who came across such a sight would probably have left the kitten there as they feared it wouldn’t make it. But not Sakrapee. She refused to abandon the helpless animal and took it straight to a vet for treatment.The veterinarian examined her and determined that she had probably been struck by a vehicle for several days. Her wounds were severely decayed and infected, and one of her legs was so badly damaged that it had to be amputated to prevent further harm. She was then provided with all necessary medical attention and care.

Thanks to the dedicated care of the veterinary clinic personnel, she made an excellent recovery after her surgery and began to regain her strength. Although she came close to losing her life, she ultimately emerged victorious and survived. Now in her new home, she’ll be showered with affection and looked after by her loving new mom.It brings us immense happiness to hear that she has found a loving and permanent home with an amazing mother. We can only imagine the great life she will have, filled with good health and happiness, putting all her past troubles behind her. We appreciate your kindness and dedication in taking care of this charming and stunning kitten. Your efforts are truly commendable. May you continue with your exceptional work, and may God bless you abundantly. If you enjoyed reading about her journey, please do share it with those close to you and let us know your feedback in the comments section below!

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