Cat Found ‘Matted, Raw, Scared, Hungry’ Living in Shed and His Amazing Transformation!

An abandoned cat that was found with its fur completely matted and even bald in places, red raw, scared and hungry has been given a new lease of life. Ronnie was picked up by a rescue center after a member of the public discovered him living in a shed in Boston.

His fur was so matted that vets at Pilgrim Vets had to completely shave Ronnie and then they neutered him. Ronnie’s current owner, Lisa Hollick, explained that she had approached Lincs Ark to enquire about adopting a cat in 2013.

However, she was asked to temporarily foster Ronnie, who is believed to be about four years old, and she ended up falling in love with him.

“We approached Lincs Ark for a house check to adopt a cat. The following day they called, desperate to place a cat with us, temporarily for fostering, as he was in no condition to be put up for adoption.

“He had been found as a stray, living in a shed but details were scarce. He was totally matted and had to be shaved and have ‘the op’. “We collected him from the vet’s and he was in a sorry state – partly bald, red raw, scared and hungry.

“After a few hours, he started making this little cute little chirrup noise to us. “Over time he settled down, stopped stealing food, his fur grew and he put on weight and grew, and grew and grew. We never gave him back and ended up adopting him.

“He’s turned into a big, beautiful, long-haired, gray and white cat.” Ronnie is believed to be a Chinchilla/British longhair breed and has recently been shortlisted in the Royal Canin Rescue Cat of the Year competition.

Ronnie and 19 other finalists were chosen out of more than 1,000 entries and members of the public are now being urged to vote for their favorite. If Ronnie wins, Ronnie will get a selection of goodies and Lincs Ark will receive a month’s worth of food for 50 cats.

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