Devoted Cat Never Leaves Her Kitten’s Side After Being Found Together Outside

Cat Has Never Lost Focus on Caring for Her Kitten After They Were Found Together Outside

“Unwavering Love: The Story of a Mother Cat’s Dedication to Her Kitten Found Abandoned Together”

Maple, a mother cat, has shown remarkable dedication to taking care of her kittens after they were discovered outside. Despite being picked up and taken to a shelter with her one-day-old kitten Cider, Maple never lost sight of her maternal duties. Sadly, Cider is the sole survivor of his litter, but Maple has been unwavering in her commitment to him. Initially scared and confused, Maple soon found a foster home thanks to the kindness of Jenn, a volunteer with Metro Animal Care and Control. Gradually settling into a calm and comfortable environment, Maple blossomed into a kind and gentle mother to her beloved Cider.Sm90U3RVSi5qcGc=.png

It brings her immense joy to have a secure haven where she can raise her beloved pet. In a span of two weeks, Cider grew notably in terms of size and strength, while also sporting a cute, plump belly. Whenever he begins to bobble around, Maple will follow him closely. At the same time, Jenn took in an abandoned tabby cat named Clove who is of the same age as Cider and yearns for a maternal figure.TDR4SkZ0Ti5qcGc=.pngFrom the moment Cider met her new sister, she just couldn’t resist showering her with hugs and love. As they got to know each other better over the course of a few days, Maple also joined in and welcomed the new addition to the family with open arms. With Jenn’s help, the two cats took turns caring for Clove and making sure she had everything she needed. Thanks to their round-the-clock feedings and lots of tender loving care from Maple, Clove the tabby kitten thrived under their watchful eye.

N0kzeHJFSi5qcGc=.pngRight from the start, it was evident that Maple and Cider shared an extraordinary bond. Whenever Cider would cry, Maple would dash to his side in a jiffy, and she would accompany him everywhere as he explored his surroundings. Cider turned out to be the most contented and well-fed cat that Jenn had ever taken care of. He spent his days lounging on his back, meticulously cleaning his toe beans, and slyly pilfering treats from Jenn.UjFtZVllMi5qcGc=.pngAfter mastering his balance and walk, the kitten will approach his adoptive mother with a loud meow. Maple is always by his side, providing support and guidance.It’s heartwarming to see the special bond between Maple and Cider. They have been through so much together and deserve nothing but the best in their future.MTJHRW9aci5qcGc=.pngOnce Cider was no longer nursing, Maple regained her playful kitten-like behavior. She enjoys spending time observing birds, playing with spring toys and feather balls, being cradled like a baby, purring contentedly, and lounging on laps while anticipating pets. When the time comes to find a new home for the pair, Jenn is optimistic that a loving individual will step forward and provide them with a forever home.T3BXck1kZy5qcGc=.png

QUhUcDczOS5qcGc=.pngMaple and her precious child Cider (now known as Waffles) have finally discovered their ideal dwelling place after a weary adventure, and they are now inseparable.

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