Cat Wakes Up The Family After Their Favorite Person Has A Heart Attack

Brandy Miller never anticipated her family cat, Shotzie, to perform a brave deed. In truth, Brandy had always assumed the 11-year-old cat was somewhat alone.

Brandy said to The Dodo:

She’s not exactly a well-liked cat. She prefers to be alone or with my mom and my stepdad Kirk. She typically hides whenever someone approaches. Additionally, she frequently begins hissing if I approach her. She simply does not love my sisters or I.

However, Shotzie did something three weeks ago that demonstrated her affection for the people in her life.

In the house he shares with Brandy’s mother, Tammy, Kirk Mathis, Brandy’s stepfather, suffered a heart attack on March 2.

Brandy remarked:

“My stepfather was preparing to depart for work; he leaves for the office at four in the morning. I believe he had just finished feeding [Shotzie] and was about to open the door when he suffered a severe heart attack. He stumbled and landed on the floor.

Shotzie then rushed into the space to find Brandy’s mother and inform her of what had occurred.

Brandy remarked:

“In order to wake [my mother] up, he went back into the bedroom, leapt on the bed, slithered on his blanket, pounced for her head, and let out the loudest howl. Shotzie roared like a mountain lion, she claimed. She claimed that the growl that made her get up and move was really loud and deep.”

Tammy heard a sound Shotzie had never made before and realized right once that something was awry. Kirk was found on the floor as Tammy walked in the room.

“He immediately began doing CPR on him, but he had no reaction. She called the firemen in, and after three electric shocks were administered to her, they were finally able to hear her heartbeat.”

Kirk made it to the hospital in time thanks to Shotzie; the medical staff saved his life and stabilized him. Brandy predicted that he would soon require surgery, but for the time being, Kirk is back at home, and Shotzie is at his side.

Brandy remarked:

“Even when she uses the restroom, she simply keeps staring at Kirk. He can’t get out of that cat’s line of sight.”

Brandy added that Kirk is making sure Shotzie knows how appreciative he is for what she done for him since he can’t forget what she did.

Brandy is appreciative as well, and she now entirely sees Shotzie differently.

“He and my mom have this cat in their lives, and we are very grateful. It’s much wonderful now that he’s gradually encroaching onto me. She is no longer known as the nasty cat.


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