Cat’s Journey from Wandering to Indoor Bliss

A cat who wandered outside for over a year, now has a new purpose being indoors.

cat snuggles kitten

Lucky the cat and her foster kitten

Before Lucky the cat came to The Mad Catters (a cat rescue in Perth, AU), she was known to have wandered her local streets for more than a year, and had been reported as looking a little worse for wear.

She came from a small cat colony that had taken up residence at a house. “After seeing photos of her on top of a bin looking for food, our cat trapping team headed out to take a look,” Tara, founder of The Mad Catters, shared.

They were able to locate the cat and learned that she was around two years old and had gone through the wringer as an outdoor cat.

stray cat outdoor

Lucky had wandered the streets for over a year before she was rescued

Lucky had become the outcast of her colony and was covered in scratches, bites, and battle scars all over her back end. She was very underweight, starving and had a hard time trusting others. She was also missing a lot of her fur due to a flea allergy.

“With a frail frame of skin and bone and a very standoff-ish attitude, Lucky made her way to her foster home to start her recovery.”

stray cat outdoor

Over the next few months in foster care, Lucky slowly warmed up to her people as she realized that they were her constant source of food and treats.

She grew to enjoy life as an indoor cat andaored pets and snuggles from her humans.

lucky cat rescue

She was very underweight, starving and covered in battle scars

When she started walking and prancing around the house with her tail held high, her true personality emerged.

“Lucky is best described as a loving member of the family who occasionally has the odd mood swing. ‘You can pat me, but only on my terms’ sort of thing,” Tara shared.

lucky cat foster home

Slowly but surely, she came out of her shell

“If you can imagine an incredibly affectionate cat, a super sassy cat, and a totally bizarre cat were rolled up into one, it would describe Lucky to a T.”

With nutritious food, a comfy home, and loving humans to cater to her whims, Lucky has transformed into a fluffy, soft, healthy, chunky cat.

fluffy tuxedo cat snuggles

After months in foster care, Lucky transformed into a fluffy, affectionate cat

Lucky prefers being the only adult cat in the house, but she has a soft spot for foster kittens.

Ever since she met her first kitten in need, she’s been a supportive big sister to every foster baby that comes through the door. It’s as if she’s found her new purpose in life.

fluffy cat sitting

Whenever there are kittens in the house, she turns into a nurturing big sister, takes the littles under her wing, and showers them with love and snuggles.

“She is not a fan of other cats, but she loves having foster kittens around her and spoils them with so much love.”

cat kitten lucky

She doesn’t like other cats but has a soft spot for foster kittens

“Even when she plays with them, she is so gentle batting the toys around but is so cautious not to boop the kittens by accident.”

Many of these foster babies are eager for love from a cat. They enjoy curling up next to Lucky and being up close and personal with her.

lucky cat tabby kitten

Lucky is in pure bliss when she has her kittens around. She offers to be their puffy pillow to nap on, shows them the ropes, and teaches them how to cat.

In return, the kittens help her gain confidence around people.

lucky cat tabby kitten

After the rough life she’s lived, Lucky has found kittens to love on and people to rely on. She is ready to find a forever home that understands her needs and will give her the best life.

beautiful tuxedo cat lucky

“I can’t wait until I find the perfect home for Lucky. She just deserves so much love.”

fluffy cat lucky

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