Dog’s Thoughtful Acts for Mom in the Shower

“It’s a mixture of pride and concern, like, ‘Oh jeez, i hope i brought the right thing!’”

Fin’s favorite pastime has been figuring things out for as long as his family can remember. He enjoys making puzzles for himself to solve and gets extremely excitedaout each one.

Fin’s mother, Vee Thayer, told The Dodo, “Every day is a brand-new exciting adventure for him.” “Every morning is like Christmas morning… He keeps himself occupied — i’ll occasionally hear him pacing around in another room and wonder what he’s up to before deciding i don’t care.”

Fin is always coming up with new challenges for himself, but one of his favorites is getting his mother to open the door while she’s in the shower.

Fin doesn’t like it when his mother goes into the bathroom to take a shower for some reason. Maybe it’s the splashing water, maybe it’s the shut door, maybe it’s just the fact that she’s been in there for so long. Whatever it is, he despises it, and he’s made it his mission to persuade his mother to reopen the shower door every time she takes a shower.

He brings her gifts in order to complete this mission, and each time they are unique.

“Fin brings a couple items to the door while i’m in the shower, according to my fiancé, to see if any of them will get me to open the door,” Thayer said. “Sometimes i’ll open it to find a variety of items, and other times it’ll be just one.”

Thayer wasn’t sure what was going on when it first started, but now she’s always excited to open the door and see what Fin has brought her today. His gifts are sometimes shower-related, such as shampoo or a swimsuit. Other times, they’re completely unexpected.

Duct tape, tongs, shampoo, socks, his bed, a bowl of his food, hangers, and a pack of Post-its are some of my favorite things he’s brought me,” Thayer said. “Every time i open the door, i say thank you and inspect each item.” When the door opens, his face is the cutest — it’s a mix of pride and worry, like, ‘Oh jeez, i hope i brought the right thing!’”

Fin has devised a similar, but slightly different, puzzle to solve involving his father.

“When he senses it’s about time for dog dad to get home from work,” Thayer explained, “he’ll sit in a specific spot in the corner of our living room carpet and wait.” “The longer he has to wait, the more toys and items he will collect. it’s as if he’s looking for ‘the thing’ that will get his father to open the door.”

Fin is never bored with these puzzles, even though he tries to solve them every day. He enjoys bringing things to his parents in order to persuade them to open a door and play with him once more. it brings him and his parents a great deal of pleasure, and he has no intention of stopping anytime soon

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