Father Cat Passes on Unique Coloring to His Kittens

Don’t you just love the look of split-colored kittens? Their coats are like works of art, with colors divided right down the middle of their faces and bodies. One of the most popular examples of this phenomenon is Narnia, a gorgeous cat with a gray-black face who captured the hearts of millions online when he was first introduced in 2018. According to his owner, Stephanie Jiminez, Narnia has grown into quite the heartthrob since then. While it’s impossible to guarantee that this unique trait will be passed on to his offspring, Narnia recently fathered two kittens with coats that match his own distinctive coloring.MXNnc2RnXzEuanBn.png

MnNkZ3NkZy5qcGc=.pngTake a peek at Phoenix and Prada, the two siblings who have distinct fur colors of gray and black. They closely resemble their father and are quite attractive in his eyes. These little ones are absolutely darling!M3NkZ2RzZy5qcGc=.png




N3NkZ3NkZy5qcGc=.pngThere’s a male kitty out there with a super unique look – his coat is split in half with two different colors! And what’s even more amazing is that he recently fathered a litter of kittens, all of whom have the exact same coloring as him. Talk about a strong genetic trait!

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