Four Kittens Found Outside at One Week Old Have Come a Long Way as a Tight

A litter of four adorable kittens were discovered outdoors when they were just a week old, but they have since grown and developed a close bond.

grey kittens incubator

Penny, the caretaker at Foster Kitten HQ, recalls a heartwarming tale of how she took care of four grey kittens that were rescued by the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA) about two months ago. These little ones were found in an abandoned state and needed immediate care as they were only a week old without a mother to care for them. One of the kittens, Twiglet, was severely malnourished and frail, requiring special attention from an experienced caretaker. Thankfully, Penny volunteered to take on the task and provide the kittens with a cozy home. She placed them in an incubator to maintain their body temperature, as they were too young to regulate it themselves. Penny spent time cleaning Twiglet’s matted fur and fed her small, regular meals to help her regain her strength and weight.

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The adorable kittens at fosterkittenhq were spotted snuggling cozily with their surrogate mom, Penny. Twiglet, who was the smallest of the litter, received extra attention from her siblings – Cherry Bakewell, Jaffa Cake, and Jammie Dodger – who showered her with purrs and snuggles to help her recover. The foster kittens were even given a special toy that mimics the heartbeat of a mother cat. Within 24 hours, Twiglet had already gained some weight and strength, and was finally able to rest comfortably without any crust on her fur.

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TwigletPenny from fosterkittenhq shared an update on the progress of one of her foster kittens. The kitten has been making good progress and has had a healthy appetite. According to Penny, she quickly turnedaound and even doubled in size within her first week with her. The four other kittens have also been doing well and are very vocal when they’re hungry. They happily quiet down once their tummies are full.

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Penny, a member of fosterkittenhq, shared how adorable it was when the kittens she was taking care of grew big and healthy enough to move into better living quarters. Some of them quickly learned how to use the litter box while others followed suit eventually. These little furballs loved to snuggle with each other, but the moment Penny walked in, they would all rush towards her lap for their nap time.

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Meet Cherry Bakewell and TwigletPenny, two adorable foster kittens being taken care of by @fosterkittenhq. Jammie Dodger is the independent and loving “big sister” of the pair who loves to save her best cuddles for when she’s sleepy. Although she doesn’t like to be fussed over too much, she can’t resist melting into her caregiver’s arms when she’s feeling tired.

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Penny from Foster Kitten HQ introduces us to Jaffa Cake, the most playful and attention-seeking cat in the clowder. Jaffa Cake loves to pounce on anything that moves and spends most of her time around Penny’s lap. With her cute kitten eyes, she can easily manipulate her humans into giving her what she wants.

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Meet Cherry Bakewell, a friendly feline who loves being around humans. She enjoys climbing up on their shoulders and getting as close as possible for a nose-to-nose interaction. Jaffa Cake is another cat that has a similar personality to Cherry Bakewell and they both love being around their human companions all the time. These two kitties are truly inseparable!

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TwigletPenny at fosterkittenhq happily shared that Jaffa Cake and Cherry Bakewell had an evident connection from the beginning, just like Jammie Dodger and Twiglet.

grey kittens sisters

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Penny from fosterkittenhq shares the story of these resilient kittens who overcame a challenging beginning and are now healthy and robust. It’s time for them to embark on finding their forever homes and live happily ever after.

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