Gentle Golden Retriever Adopts An Adorable Orphaned Kitten Rejected By Her Mother

Introducing Ichimi, a little kitty who unfortunately got abandoned by her biological mom. Despite her rough start in life, this feline is still trying to find her way.Fortunately, a benevolent golden retriever named Ponzu and his owner Jessiepon came to the rescue and chose to take her in. Since she wasn’t getting the necessary nourishment from her mother, they immediately started nursing her back to optimum health.It’s quite surprising how quickly Ichimi has grown fond of her caretaker. And by caretaker, I’m referring to none other than Ponzu, the adorable golden retriever.

Ichimi and Ponzu are the best of friends and enjoy spending time with each other constantly. They even share sleeping and cleaning spaces together. The adorable duo can be seen in Jessiepon’s Instagram account where Ichimi’s growing strength is evident.As a kind-hearted golden retriever, Ponzu took in the newcomer under his paw.Soon after, the duo became inseparable in no time.

At Kingdoms, we’ve witnessed several beautiful instances of animal relationships that transcend species boundaries. The affectionate bond between a dog and an owl is a prime example. These incidents prove that animals don’t differentiate among species when providing love and care. It’s a lesson for us all to take to heart.The dynamic duo didn’t just spend time together during the holiday season, they actually celebrated it as a team.

Ponzu had once lovingly tended to a cat that had been attacked by a crow, but sadly, the feline couldn’t make it and passed away.Currently, Ichimi is aiding in his recovery process.

They can even cuddle and doze off in each other’s arms!

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