How Arlo, the Kitten Suffering from Hydrocephalus, Found Love and a Forever Home

Owning a home is a wish that many stray kittens share, but it’s not always possible for them. For cats and dogs without a permanent shelter and suffering from sickness or physical disabilities, finding a loving home becomes even more difficult. However, Arlo’s story is an excellent example of how these animals, in spite of their struggles, deserve love and care too.


Arlo, a kitty with a physical disability, discovered a new beginning at the Bridgend Cats Protection Adoption Center in South Wales. Despite his limitations, this charming tabby remained adamant about being adored. Even though Arlo may not appear like other felines, his heart is full of love and he relishes having fun and frolic.


Upon his arrival, Arlo was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, which caused his head to be deformed due to fluid buildup in the brain. Thankfully, the adoption center staff conducted a thorough veterinary examination and determined that despite his condition, Arlo was healthy. The compassionate staff committed to finding a suitable and caring family for Arlo, who could provide him with the necessary care and support to ensure he enjoys the best possible quality of life.


During that moment, Davy, who works as a social worker for children with disabilities, had been contemplating the idaof adopting a cat to keep him company. His original plan was to adopt an older cat to keep him company in his cabin, but everything changed when he stumbled upon Arlo’s pictures on Facebook, which were shared by Cats Protection. His friends tagged him in those photos, and he found himself unable to resist the charm of the cute kitten.


When Davy heardaout Arlo, he became curious and decided to pay a visit to the shelter in order to meet the one-year-old feline. Despite Arlo’s tendency to be shy and wary around others, he and Davy immediately hit it off and formed an immediate bond that could only be described as love at first sight.


Davy shared that he fell for Arlo at first sight, and it was clear that they were meant to be together. They now enjoy a life full of joy, affection, and partnership. Despite his shyness and fear of loud noises, Arlo is an absolute sweetheart with an incredible personality. Davy describes him as a unique character.


Our goal is to spread the wordaout adopting pets with functional needs and how they can bring joy and love into our lives. Arlo’s touching story is just one example of how these animals deserve the chance to receive the same care, affection, and happiness as any other pet.

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