Incredible Cat Has A Marking That Resembles A Tiny Cat On His Face

Every once in a while, Mother Nature likes to play games and it’s evident in this adorable kitty. With a facial marking resembling a cat lying down, this little feline has a unique and eye-catching feature. Twitter user TOKAITRICK_bot shared a photo of the kitty with a tiny “moustache” that looks like a black cat when viewed from the side. The decorative marking shows the head of a cat with pointed ears and a curved “body” like that of a curled-up kitty.dGhpc19jYXRfaGFzX2FfbWFya19vbl9oaXNfZmFjZV90aGF0X2xvb2tzX2p1c3RfbGlrZV9hX3RpbnlfY2F0XzAzLmpwZw==.png


c3ZnJTNF.pngIt’s absolutely mind-boggling how much the marking on this cat resembles a feline taking a nap. It’s almost as if this adorable little guy has his own permanent tattoo! I can only imagine how many people must do a double-take every day when they see this sweet and amusing sight.dGhpc19jYXRfaGFzX2FfbWFya19vbl9oaXNfZmFjZV90aGF0X2xvb2tzX2p1c3RfbGlrZV9hX3RpbnlfY2F0XzAyLmpwZw==.pngIt’s difficult to miss out on this awesome feline unless you pause and appreciate it. Because let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like a cat, except for perhaps two cats!dGhpc19jYXRfaGFzX2FfbWFya19vbl9oaXNfZmFjZV90aGF0X2xvb2tzX2p1c3RfbGlrZV9hX3RpbnlfY2F0XzAxLmpwZw==.pngTake a moment to appreciate this adorable creature and his tiny companion:


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