Heartwarming Reunion: Kitten Separated from Mother in Wildfire Finally Finds Her Way Home

Kitten Who Survived Wildfire Reunites with His Mom

Kitten Who Survived Wildfire Reunites with His Mom


Mayson, a beautiful gray tabby cat, was abandoned by his family during the Camp Fire in Northern California. After hearing an explosion from a neighboring propane tank, he panicked and escaped. Laci Ping and Curtis Mullins, Mayson’s humans, attempted to flee their home with all of their beloved dogs.

A fire team intervened and prevented Ping from pursuing the cat further out of concern for her safety.

Ping told The Dodo:


“My heart was pounding as he fled. I was unable to access him. He managed to escape, although I have no idea how. The notion that I would never see him again immediately crossed my thoughts.”

The couple was quite upset about what had occurred, not just because a fire had destroyed their house but also because they might not see their cat ever again.

Ping decided to broadcast Mayson’s picture all over social media in the hopes of locating him when they discovered they were staying at a friend’s house with the rest of their animals.


“I kept looking all over the internet to see if anyone had found him. After a few days, the UC Davis [School of Veterinary Medicine] issued a list of cats that had been located.”


Ping called the UC Davis office as soon as she discovered a gray tabby cat with a white patch of fur around his lips in one of the pictures.


“I instantly recognized his picture. That’s my baby Mayson, I thought. I had a clue.”

While they were waiting impatiently, a vet tech entered the clinic room with a package.


“He continued to blame me for leaving up until the time we noticed it. She was in tears. I believed I would never see him again.”

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