Kitten Is Happy To Find Help For Her Kittens And Not Have To Go Back To The Streets

Animals who are forced to live on the streets face several challenges, yet they always manage to survive. Kayla, a foster volunteer with Salem Friends of Felines, was alerted to a homeless cat who had given birth to a litter of kittens a few days earlier.

The gorgeous feline gave birth to four adorable kittens, all of them were healthy and strong enough to survive on the streets owing to their mother’s determination.

Kayla wanted to assist the cat, so she went to the location where she had been sighted and rescued her.

The cat, named Priscilla, charmed everyone with her kind demeanor, and it was clear from her expression that she was overjoyed to be saved.

Priscilla adorns her face with her tongue, indicating that she is overjoyed to have a cozy chamber for her demanding offspring. She got out of the container and laid down next to her small ones to feed them when she arrived at her foster home.


She is a committed mother who always ensures that her children are well-fed and cared for. She also want to have her by her side to look after them.

“We discovered them on the street; I’m not sure if their babies were born outside or not, but I know this isn’t their first litter.”

When Sweet Priscilla’s kittens arrived at their new home, they were around three days old but in good condition. Because the feline mother was suffering from stomach issues, she was given the medical treatment she required to overcome her troubles and return to full health.

She gradually gained faith in the individuals who looked after her, and she even began to draw attention to herself in order to earn some compassion. Although it is unknown how long she lived on the streets, Priscilla is appreciative and content with the attention she receives from her.

When the cat realized Kayla was there to assist her, she began leaving her kittens for her to take care of. She would leave her infants in Kayla’s care whenever she needed to compose herself or stretch her limbs; she knew they would be OK.

Perhaps for the first time in a long time, the kitten was able to unwind and appreciate her surroundings, as well as receive the affection she craves. The adventurous cat occasionally ventures out to investigate the entire home, and she even located her own reflection and attempted to welcome him.

He stumbled upon numerous toys during one of his travels and pondered playing with them, but he still doesn’t know how to use them.

After spending so much time on the streets, Priscilla is settling into her new life and the affection of her family.


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