Kitten With Two Sets Of Ears Might Steal Your Heart Right Now

If there are any creatures that can rule the internet without really doing much, it’s cats. Cat lovers bond over any kind of content where cats are just being their sassy-hilarious-cute selves. However, it’s not every day you can see a cat with not one, but two sets of ears.

Meet Midas, a Russian Blue kitten that has four ears and a defective jaw because of a genetic mutation. This, however, has no effect on his hearing and Midas is doing just fine. According to his owner, Canis Dosemeci, the adorable kitten was born with five siblings in a friend’s backyard in Turkey. Concerned that Midas’ unique condition might make it harder for him to find a home, Canis decided to adopt the cat herself.

After having it confirmed by a vet that his condition does not affect his health, Midas seems to be living his best life. The kitten now has over 100K followers on Instagram who enjoy seeing the daily life of the 4-eared-cat.

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