Lowa cat renamed Dorothy after miraculously surviving a tornado unharmed

Let me tell you about a close call with a feline. In Iowa, a cat miraculously made it through a destructive tornado that hit the state over the weekend. The cat, who has been lovingly renamed Dorothy for her bravery, sought refuge in her owner’s she-shed, according to a report by KCCI.

It was reported that Dorothy emerged unscathed following the tornado’s aftermath, which is a relief. As per Newsweek, the cat was named after the popular classic “The Wizard of Oz,” which revolves around the adventures of a character named Dorothy who is swept away to the magical land of Oz by a tornado. However, the feline version of Dorothy didn’t end up in any enchanted realm; rather, she found herself amid a severe and distressing calamity.

Arnold was amazed at how Dorothy managed to survive the EF-4 tornado, which traveled an estimated 70 miles across the state with winds of up to 170 miles per hour, according to KCCI. The National Weather Service categorizes an EF-4 tornado as “extreme,” just below an EF-5, which is considered “catastrophic.” During the storm, which lasted from 4:26 pm to 6:01 pm, the tornado wrecked Arnold’s property, leaving her barns and farm equipment in piles of rubble. The only thing left standing on her premises was the shed where Dorothy took refuge. Newsweek reported that the shed was discovered on the other side of the street and was in ruins, with only the door and floor remaining.

According to a report by KCCI, although the cat had mud and twigs in its matted fur, it was fortunate enough to be unharmed and in good health. It seems that Dorothy may have been frightened at first, but her owner Arnold stated that she seems to have gotten over it now.


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