Meet Cornelius Cornbread, The Adorable Kitten With White Eyebrows

Cornelius Cornbread is a 4-year-old feline from Nashville, Tennessee who became popular for his fashionable eyebrows. Thanks to these white marks on his forehead, he has conquered the internet with his sophisticated look. According to his owner, Karen Mellette, Cornelius has had these “eyebrows” since he was a kitten due to a lack of fur in the area between his ears and eyes.

This cat has an Instagram account with over 6,801 followers as his fans say that “many humans would pay for eyebrows like yours.” His sassy, concerned look (which one day he can certainly trademark) makes him appear as a classic gentleman. Especially in the photos where he’s wearing a bow tie! However, Cornelius not only has good looks, but also a charming and loving personality.

“A loving, highly intelligent, inquisitive, confident, sassy daredevil who expects to be the center of attention and is completely unrelenting if his demands are not immediately complied with. If we pay attention to another cat, he is on the scene immediately demanding attention. He also picks up on emotions. If we are worried—he gets worried. If one of the other cats hacks up a fur ball, he will go check on them and sit with them. When Duke starts barking at a squirrel or delivery people, he runs to Duke and meows worriedly,” says Karen to Bored Panda.

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