Meet Dawna and her husband who take care of over 15 muscular cats and one special kitty

Dawn and her husband have been rescuing and caring for abandoned kittens for years. Since her husband brought home a group of muscular kittens from the port of New Jersey, Dawn has bathed, fed, and treated these poor kittens until they were adopted by loving families. However, in March 2018, they adopted a very special cat named Rocky.

Rocky was only 5 days old when her mother accidentally dropped her from a height of more than 6 meters. Not only was she born into foster care in extremely bad condition, but she couldn’t even walk after the fall. While Dawn and her husband had never cared for such a severely injured cat, Dawn felt she needed to do something to take care of the poor animal.

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Initially, Rocky had to be fed with a syringe, and Dawn had to put drops in her mouth. After a while, Rocky showed signs of improvement and could manage to eat liquid foods on her own. Rocky quickly adapted to her new life, and after only five months, she was able to walk comfortably in the wheelchair her mother bought her.

Rocky’s journey to recovery was not easy, and Dawn and her husband had to put in a lot of effort and dedication to help her. However, their hard work paid off, and Rocky is now a happy and healthy cat with a loving family.

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Dawn and her husband’s dedication to rescuing and caring for abandoned animals is a true testament to their kind and passionate hearts. They have given many animals, including Rocky, a second chance at life and a loving home.

While many people might not be willing to share their lives with such poor animals, there will always be people in the world with the same kindness and passion as Dawn and her husband. Thanks to the careful care and warm hearts of these benefactors, Rocky was able to survive and thrive in a happy and loving family.

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