Meet Gringo, The Cat Who Mustached His Way Into Our Hearts

On Instagram, there are countless animals that are one-of-a-kind, but this particular feline is truly exceptional. Allow me to introduce Gringo, a British Shorthair who is just one year old and has a rather fancy mustache that seems to possess an accent of its own. If only Gringo had a top hat, some round glasses, and a pipe, it would be the perfect character for a detective series set in the Victorian era.

A Mustached Gentleman, Gringo Is A Dapper Cat
Meet the adorable one-year-old kitty who resides in France with his owners Sabrine and Romain, along with his feline brother Milko. This famous cat had amassed a considerable following of almost 60,000 on Instagram until his account was hacked earlier this year. Nonetheless, the stylish mustache cat is determined to regain his fame with a brand new page that’s filled to the brim with cute and captivating cat photos.
Meet adorable Gringo, the cat with white moustache who's going viral on  Instagram - My Pet Matters
According to Sabrine, Gringo is a joyful feline who possesses a fantastic character. He spends his days and nights playing, causing trouble by climbing curtains, scratching the sofa and hopping inside the plants. Furthermore, he has a unique habit of standing on his hind legs similar to a meerkat, and it’s quite amusing to see him stay in that position for several minutes. Besides this, Gringo is known for his particular demeanor. He often sniffs around the dinner plates, hoping to find some delicious treat for himself. Additionally, he enjoys grabbing the kitchen sponge and nibbling on it, which forces Sabrine to hide it every time. All in all, Gringo is an extraordinary cat with a distinctive personality that sets him apart from others.

Meet Gringo - The Dapper Gentleman Cat With A Fancy Moustache (20 Pics) -  Kingdoms TV
Sabrine and Romain stumbled upon Gringo’s picture on a well-known French cattery website and were immediately smitten with the stunning feline. Despite already owning a cat named Milko, they had been contemplating adding another furry friend to their household. At the age of 3 months, Gringo joined their family, and both cats bonded instantly. Today, they are the closest of companions, completely inseparable.

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