My colleague brought a pregnant stray cat into our office and we have a family of nine

As Yvonne was commuting to her workplace, she stumbled upon a pregnant stray cat. The feline seemed quite approachable and was stationed outside the Holmes Marchant Shanghai office building, meowing at anyone who passed by. She even went so far as to nuzzle up against those who showed her affection, indicating that she may have been in search of some assistance. Judging by her youthful appearance, she appeared to be content with receiving attention.Fortunately, the Shanghai branch of Holmes Marchant was home to a group of feline enthusiasts who were eager to assist the expectant cat. Among them was Yvonne, who graciously offered to take the kitty under her care. With the support of her colleagues, Yvonne was determined to ensure that this furry mother-to-be had everything she needed for a smooth delivery.Boba got her nickname from the ladies at the workplace due to her distinct feature – a round belly. To make Boba feel more comfortable, they set up a comfortable space for her in a spare meeting room. This included a litter box, soft bedding, and a variety of food options such as dry food, canned tuna, fresh fish, and milk.

During her time waiting to deliver her kittens, Boba was a sociable feline who made friends with everyone in the office. She seemed content knowing that she had a secure place to deliver her babies. One night, a severe storm swept through, and when the staff returned the following day, they were met with a delightful surprise – Boba had given birth to eight charming kittens.Boba, the mother cat, had quite a handful with her eight little ones – four boys and four girls! Even though she was older, Boba proved to be an excellent and dutiful parent as she made sure her babies were well-fed and cleaned. Initially, it was a bit of a challenge to differentiate between the kittens as they all looked quite similar, but upon closer inspection, it was revealed that there was one calico kitten, two ginger kittens, and five tabby kittens.After a period of two weeks, the adorable kittens started to open their eyes. As time went on, they were moved to a more spacious room, which happened to be a meeting room. This new setting allowed them to have more space to play and grow. The employees in the office showered these furry little creatures with love and attention. Fortunately, the presence of the cat ladies in the office kept Boba and the kittens safe and protected.


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