Newborn kitten was abandoned, crying in the tire under the stairs of the building to a prince cat! Please send your love to Lee!


While taking care of our dogs, we stumbled upon a helpless kitten that was abandoned and without a mother.

We heard a meow and upon investigating, we discovered a kitten hiding under the stairs of the building. After questioning the people around us, we learned that the kitten had been there since yesterday. With this information, we made the decision to take the kitten home with us.

The kitten was shivering from the cold, so we gave it some warmth and encouraged its bowel movements. We provided it with formula milk and noticed a significant improvement in its vitality. After 8 days, the kitten started to crawl and we named it Lee. By day 12, Lee was already suckling milk and very hungry. By day 25, Lee was gaining weight and growing every day. On day 29, Lee was playing with its brother and by day 32, it was already grooming itself. On day 34, Lee was eating by itself.

Lee had already gained over 200 grams in weight after 48 days. By day 50, Lee was already playing alone. At day 84, Lee was already looking beautiful. After 110 days, Lee had transformed into a handsome cat.

“Special Thanks to Rescuer” is a heartwarming story that we want to share with you. Our gratitude goes out to the Animal Rescue channel for bringing this touching video to our attention. Please take a moment to watch the video below to fully appreciate the story.

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