Police: Cat with broken legs, eye injury abandoned at I-95 rest stop in Darien


According to Allyson Halm, the Animal Control Officer from New Canaan, a cat was discovered at the northbound Darien rest stop. Although Darien animal control was not available, the state police looked into the situation, and Halm provided assistance.


Law enforcers rescued a cat from the freezing weather and brought it to a nearby vet. After an examination, the veterinarian discovered that the feline suffered from dual leg fractures and eye trauma on the right side. Consequently, the officers decided to name the fortunate cat “Highway.”


PAWS, a Norwalk-based organization, was contacted by animal control to provide medical assistance for a cat who had suffered injuries. Executive Director Ellen Simmonds revealed that Highway, the feline in question, would require surgery for his front legs, which were severely fractured and displaced. This procedure would involve the insertion of metal plates to correct the damage.



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