Rabbit Brings Home Orphaned Bunny And The Family Takes Him In, And Now They’re Inseparable

Up until the summer of 2020, Klarieke, the owner of 3 cats, thought that 3 cats would be just enough. After all, with 3 cats, there’s plenty of fluff to go around in the farm house. One of them, Stavros, had been rescued just about a year ago back then. He became the streetwise leader of the trio.

But apparently, Stavros, ginger and white tabby, had his own plans. This last summer, a little stray kitten started scrounging the backyard for food. By the time the family found out about it, Stavros and the little kitten had already become friends. Apparently, Stavros had a soft spot for kittens with a similar history to his.

Klarieke asked around the neighborhood if somebody was missing a kitten, but no one responded. Meanwhile, the kitten kept coming back to the house and hung around with Stavros, who even gave his own food to him. They clicked from the get-go, and it was clear that they didn’t want to part ways.

It dawned on the owner that the cat didn’t have a home. Seeing how Stavros had taken him in, she started feeding the kitten herself, and the little kitten was officially adopted and given a name. His name is now Charlie. From that point onwards, Klarieke’s household had a nice, even number of 4 cats.

It took a few days for Charlie to adjust to life in a loving home. Stavros showed him around and gave a purrfect example of behaving as a house cat. Charlie began to relax, and eventually let the owners snuggle him as he seamlessly shifted into being a lap cat.

Klarieke has given Bored Panda her own account about the lovely duo, and the ‘godfather’ of Charlie. “Stavros is the ‘leader,’ but Charlie doesn’t care about that because we are sure that he really loves Stavros. They are together all the time, outside or inside the house. Charlie is a bit of a messy, but also a very kind soul and loving.”

Here’s a little something extra about the cats that stand in the background of the story of the duo, Jack and Louis: “Jack is the oldest and biggest cat, he is 10.5 years old. Super sweet for his own people, terrified by strangers, master of the house. Louis is 8.5 years old and 1.5 years ago, he was in a car accident. We decided to give him the operation and medical care he needed instead of letting him go. Now he is a little bit too slow and grumpy to get playful with Stavros and Charlie. But to his people, he is super sweet and he even lets visitors (even when they are young children) pet him. I adopted them both when they were about 8 weeks old.”

The owner was very modest and positive about the story becoming somewhat viral. “Well, it’s just a happy story about cute cats. I think that’s what people like about it. Tomorrow, there will be another story going viral, so I don’t want to make it bigger than it is. I’m not very special or something, I just couldn’t let the little kitten die.”

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