Rescue team goes extra mile to save a cat trapped in storm drain for 40 hours

On occasions, critters find themselves trapped in some tricky spots where it requires the assistance of compassionate and industrious individuals to liberate them. This was precisely what happened when a team of rescuers managed to rescue a kitten that was stuck inside a drainpipe for two whole days and eventually reunited her with her feline mother.

According to reports, a group of factory workers in Elkhart County, Indiana stumbled upon a family of feral cats. While trying to rescue the mother cat and her litter of kittens, one of the little ones got frightened and ran away. Unfortunately, the kitten found itself trapped in a drain pipe that was three feet deep after jumping into a nearby gutter. The workers soon realized that the gutter guard had been broken and the plastic pipe angled outwards towards a manhole pipe. The poor kitten was unable to climb back up due to the slippery surface. Missy McNeal from Catsnip Etc revealed these details to Love Meow.

When the factory workers were unsuccessful in their attempts to rescue the kitten, they reached out to Catsnip Etc., a local cat rescue organization. The kitten had been stuck in the pipe for almost a day, and it was clear that she needed help. Unfortunately, the rescue mission proved to be quite challenging. Despite their efforts to lure the cat out with food, the rescue team was unable to locate her. The pipes were too small for anyone to crawl through, and even a camera couldn’t find her. McNeal, a member of the rescue team, said that they needed a miracle to save the poor kitten.

Regrettably, the cat had to be left behind for a night, but the next day, a larger group of determined individuals returned to rescue it. McNeal shared with Love Meow that they devised a plan to use water to trace the kitten’s position inside the pipe. Surprisingly, it proved successful, saving them a significant amount of time and energy. As McNeal stated, “It was far from where she fell, and we would have never been able to find her without this technique.” However, the challenging part was sending someone thin enough to crawl through the pipes and retrieve the cat.

The rescue organization made a request on the internet and had the good fortune of finding a willing helper called Ashley. McNeal shared that Ashley went into the drainpipe and proceeded cautiously. She advanced so much into the pipe that they could no longer spot her in the darkness. However, after about thirty minutes, Ashley located the kitten and came out of the pipe holding it. The little feline was in a sorry state as it was muddy, cold, and dehydrated.

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