Rescued Cross-Eyed Cat Finds Forever Home After Surviving in the Wild

In New Jersey, a malnourished and cross-eyed feline was saved from a group of wild cats and nurtured back to good health before finding a new forever home. Bubbles was in terrible condition upon arrival at Tabby’s Place, a cat sanctuary and rescue center situated in Ringoes, but thanks to their care, she has made a full recovery.


This unfortunate stray feline was in a dire situation, slowly wasting away due to hunger. What made her stand out was the unusual position of her pupils, which were too close to her nose. Shelter staff also labelled her as “kind of nasty,” since she would often lash out at them. Even if you dared to approach her, she would hide and scratch you. Leigh Covello, an experienced veterinary technician who volunteers with Tabby’s Place, noted that it appeared highly improbable for anyone to form a genuine bond with this outcast cat.


The defensive behavior of the three-year-old cat was understandable considering her position as an underdog among the feral cats in her colony. She was constantly picked on by the other cats and was even deprived of food, despite good Samaritans leaving it for them. Additionally, her vision might have been irregular, contributing to her aggressive behavior. Over time, Bubbles grew accustomed to the sanctuary, but she still refused to be approached by humans. Befriending Reggie, another cat at the sanctuary, helped alleviate her loneliness until he was adopted, leaving her alone once again. The volunteer, Covello, noticed that Bubbles seemed quite depressed and believed that a change of environment might benefit her. Covello saw something special in the cross-eyed cat, and she hoped that a new home would lift her spirits.


Despite never having any physical interaction with Bubbles, Covello believed that the cat had the potential to be adopted and therefore decided to take her home temporarily. Covello was approved to foster Bubbles and she kept her in a separate room away from the other cats in the house until she adjusted.


Covello shared that they were worried they wouldn’t find Bubbles. But the family worked together to make her feel at home. They spent hours in the room with her, conversing and building a relationship. Eventually, it became evident that Bubbles was there to stay, and the Covello family adopted her with great joy. Covello happily states that Bubbles has blossomed since coming into their lives. This account was originally published on

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