Shelter Threw A Birthday Party To Help Cat Get Adopted, But Nobody Came

Monique’s enclosure was adorned with beautiful decorations and she was gifted with unique toys. Sadly, on the day of her anticipated arrival, not a single soul showed up despite the shelter’s extensive efforts to spread the word throughout the community.

The employees had a hunch that individuals may delay the process of adopting Monique due to her Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). There is a prevailing notion that cats infected with FIV face certain death since the ailment is incurable. Contrarily, just like humans with HIV, felines with FIV can continue to enjoy a regular, robust and contented existence.

If someone plans on adopting Monique, they must ensure that their garden is cat-proofed. This way, Monique can enjoy the outdoors without encountering other cats and possibly spreading the virus. However, it is important to note that humans cannot contract FIV from cats.

The team at the shelter has nothing but kind words for Monique, painting her as a sweet and affectionate animal who thrives on human attention. It’s always heartbreaking to see an animal seeking a new home, especially when they have so much love to give and would make the perfect furry friend.

As soon as the pictures from her private celebration made their way onto social media, they captured the attention of many users and spread rapidly. The shelter remained optimistic that the ideal individual would stumble upon them.

One evening, a Londoner named Adnan was watching the local news when he came across Monique’s picture on the screen. This adorable fluffy tabby captured his heart instantly, and he knew that he was meant to be her forever human. So, he decided to apply to adopt her and create the purr-fect match.

In no time, she found herself settled in her permanent residence and Adnan was over the moon with joy.

Adnan shares that he has been spending time with only Monique since March. He describes Monique as a chatty cat who welcomes him every morning and demands treats when she feels like it. Adnan also mentions that Monique is always by his side, asking for scratches and snuggles by giving him headbutts.

Monique is absolutely loving her new life with her forever human. Initially, she was eager to hop onto her owner’s lap, which sometimes posed a challenge when they were working. However, now she has discovered that there are plenty of cozy nap spots around the house and prefers to summon her owner for some affectionate scratches. We hope that Monique and Adnan enjoy a lengthy and blissful life together!

The animal shelter has reported that they continue to receive inquiries from individuals interested in adopting the cat. It is our hope that these potential adopters will consider giving another cat a loving home. All of the accompanying images were provided by Battersea, and for additional information, please visit their Facebook page. In other news, an unwanted feline was finally adopted after spending 433 days at a shelter. For more heartwarming stories about cats and kittens, please visit We Love Cats and Kittens. If you enjoyed this tale, kindly share it with others, and leave a comment to let us know your thoughts!

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