Stray Cat Leads Store Owner to Kitten During the Cold

L.J. had a sense of urgency to find a safe and warm foster home for the cat before the harsh winter weather arrived. Seeking assistance, she contacted Jenn, who volunteers as a foster parent at Metro Animal Care and Control. Jenn revealed that L.J. was unaware that the cat had a kitten while desperately trying to secure a foster home for them.

In Nashville last week, the weather hit an all-time low with freezing temperatures and snowfall. The owner of a shop in the area was concernedaout a stray cat that she had seen around. So, she set out to find her. L.J. managed to locate the feline and decided to keep an eye on her movements. To her amazement, the cat was taking care of a tiny kitten. They both resided in a wooden structure where the mother had dug a hole for them to snuggle in.

Upon arriving at their foster home, Pepper and Jarvis were a little apprehensive. However, their initial unease was quickly dispelled as they experienced the comforts of indoor living.“I won their hearts with treats and ample cuddles, and lo and behold, they’re already blossoming beautifully under my care.”

When Pepper and Jarvis play together, it’s like watching two kittens frolicking around the house and playfully wrestling. Despite all the energy they expend, the two eventually tire themselves out and wind up sleeping next to each other in a cozy bed. What’s truly impressive is how Pepper managed to survive alongside Jarvis in such extreme sub-zero temperatures outdoors.

According to Jenn from Love Meow, Pepper is very caring towards Jarvis and keeps a close eye on him wherever they are in the foster room. Jarvis loves to cuddle with Pepper and play with her tail. The duo began their New Year with lots of affection and delicious food while staying cozy in their foster home.

In approximately 14 days, these adorable animals will be up for adoption (preferably as a duo) and can finally embark on their journey to find a forever home where they will receive love and affection.

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