AHS Animal Shelter

These “cookie and milk” kittens wiggled their way into people’s hearts after a family stepped up to take them in. A litter of kittens arrived at an animal shelter in Warren County, VA, in need of foster care. Animal Welfare League of Arlington offered their assistance and arranged for a foster home for them. Penny […]

Bluebelle’s gratitude shone through as she was rescued from an empty parking lot in Austin, Texas. This senior pittie had only her dog bed to protect her from the scorching hot pavement. When animal protection officers finally arrived, Bluebelle gazed up at them with a mixture of sweetness and sadness. It was clear that she

A kitten snuck into a couple’s life when they weren’t looking and didn’t know they needed her. Lavender A tiny orphaned kitten arrived at Front Street Shelter needing a bottle feeder and ended up finding the perfect person. Haley Waugh who works for the shelter, had a rough few weeks after losing two special needs

A 10-year-old cat was found wandering in the snow. She was grateful to be in a warm home. Her life quickly changed. Padmee the cat A cat was spotted wandering alone in the snow and brought into an animal shelter for help. She didn’t have a microchip, and no one came to claim her. She

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