stray and feral cats

Meet Matute, the adorable dog that was once a stray but is now happily employed at a petrol station. Unfortunately, Matute had a rough start in life as he used to scavenge for food on the streets and sleep in unsafe places like the middle of the road. One day, a kind-hearted individual found him […]

Kind people went back to find the mother of a kitten. As it turned out, the cat had more kittens to feed. Katie (@kateskittens), an animal rescuer in BC, has been working closely with cat colony caretakers, getting community cats spayed and neutered and helping friendly kitties find good homes. A few months ago, she

A kitten who had a lot to say, not only found someone to help him, but also a cat to spend his life with. Tank A stray kitten was found wandering the street alone, needing a foster home. Erica, a veterinary technician, learnedaout him through Charlie’s Army Animal Rescue, and immediately offered to help. The

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