stray cats

A stray cat chose the right place for her kittens so they wouldn’t have to live another day outside. A stray cat showed up in the backyard of a couple’s home. She was just skin and bones and very hungry. When the couple offered a bowl of canned food, she scarfed it down as if […]

A building manager found a litter of kittens with a cat “mother” who turned out to be a mister instead. Mr. Mom Sara Sharp, founder of Community Cat Club (in South Jersey), received a plea for help about “a mom with kittens” needing placement. There were five kittens, around four weeks old, accompanied by a

A cat beamed with joy when he was taken off the streets for good after years of seeking safety. Bubba the cat A stray tabby cat befriended a kind-hearted veterinary technician from Cross Keys Animal Hospital. The streets clearly had been tough on him as he was often attacked by other neighborhood cats. The vet

A cat came up to a kind person outside her work and curled up in her arms, wanting to be taken in. A volunteer of Sparkle Cat Rescue came across a friendly stray cat near her work. She noticed that he had many battle scars on his face and was very eager to be loved.

A cat came to the right home for food and ended up being adopted by the couple who has her brother. Lottie the cat@ilckenzoo About three months ago, a cat showed up outside Allison Ilcken’s home, scrounging around for something to eat. She and her family started leaving out food, and the cat consistently returnedaound

A resident noticed a cat change from plump to skinny overnight and realized that there were kittens near their home. Tuba the cat A friendly stray cat showed up in a neighborhood by herself. She was seen wandering the streets, scrounging around for food. No one in the area came to claim her. A resident

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