The Crazy Daily Life Of A Woman “12 Cats Lady”

The Crazy Daily Life Of A Woman “12 Cats Lady”

Have you ever thought that a mother with 3 or more kids leads a chaotic life? Well, wait until you meet Michelle, the cat mom from Japan who takes care of 12 Persian cats all by herself. Despite having a large brood to feed, Michelle manages to provide her feline family with nutritious meals without any assistance. Her love for her furry companions is evident in the Instagram page she runs, called 12 Cats Lady, where she shares adorable photos of her beloved pets.

The story began when a stranded kitten was saved from the cold and damp road. Yuki, as she was named, was given a new home and then the caretaker went ahead to adopt two more Persian cats. However, there were nine more kittens from the same litter. The lady confirmed that all of them have been sterilized to prevent further breeding.

In the images provided, it is evident that all 12 cats possess a demanding nature and distinctive personalities. The owner is content with her feline companions, referring to herself as a “cat mom” and aims to defy stereotypical notions of cat ladies. To capture the attention of all 12 cats for a photograph, their preferred feather toy was utilized. Take a glimpse at the pictures and feel free to share them with your loved ones!

It’s always a smart move to offer your pets their preferred snacks. Afterwards, stick to their regular routine, including taking a midday snooze on your bed.

In between photo sessions, we take some time to play a few games. Afterwards, we have another hour of rest.

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