Two Beautiful Conjoined Kittens Made A Woman’s Wish Come True This Christmas After Losing Her Cat

Peppy and Kringle were two kittens that were part of a litter of six who were moved to the IndyHumane rescue center in quest of a better life. At the age of four weeks, the siblings formed a strong bond.

While the two boys were content in their foster home, Taylor Smith, an IndyHumane veterinarian, was seeking for a new cat for her cousin, who had recently lost hers after many years together.

The woman became overjoyed and began sending images of the two kittens to her cousin, hoping that she would fall passionately in love with them. Her cousin fell completely over love for Peppy when she saw her and learned that she had a brother, and she was certain that the two should stay together.

According to Dr. Smith:

“At the end of October, my cousin’s 20-year-old cat died, and she didn’t have a cat in her house.”

At the same time, Dr. Smith received an unexpected letter from her cousin’s husband, who stated he wanted to surprise her for Christmas and had the same kittens in mind to take home.

This is how a plot to surprise the woman was put in motion, and every time the veterinarian’s cousin mentioned the couple of kittens to her husband, he said “no” andaoided continuing the subject.

The veterinarian reminds us:

“Every day, my cousin would text me and say, ‘We need to convince my husband,’ while also asking me to set up the adoption and obtain the goods.”


The woman, for her part, persisted in telling her husbandaout the gorgeous kitties, but she didn’t think he was planning to surprise her, so she told him they’d talk about it on Christmas Eve.

When Peppy and Kringle returned from their spay surgery, the husband worked with Dr. Smith to bring the kittens home on Christmas Eve.

Dr. Smith sat the kittens on the couch and awaited her cousin’s arrival. When the woman walked into the room, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She even assumed the kittens were only passing through, and she was curious as to what her husband would say if she saw them. She revealed her astonishment at that point.

Dr. Smith continued:

“When I finally told her her husband had already adopted children, she cried.” It was adorable. It was difficult to keep the secret for so long, but it was worthwhile because she was completely unaware.”


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