Two Stray Cat Mothers In The Woods Ask For Help Of Walkers to Care For Their Nine Kittens

Two feral cat moms approached hikers seeking assistance for their kids. Alexandra Dominguez and her pals were startled and amazed to see nine tiny kittens in the woods when they noticed the cat family.

“While visiting friends in another town this summer, we decided to go for a trek. My companion screams ‘KITTY!’ as we drive through the woods looking for paths near the road. Back there, there was a cat! Please turn around!

Credit: thebestcatpageWe arrive at a gravel pull-off and come upon a cat sitting by the road. She approaches us and begins to meow and brush up against our legs. Then, out of nowhere, another cat appears from the woods, followed by more cats!

It turned out that two mom cats and their nine kittens had been left in the woods.

Credit: thebestcatpageWe had to trek into the woods to find their kids because they were afraid. The mothers aided us in obtaining their kittens.

We knew we had to assist since my pals and I are all passionate cat women. We carried them back with us, fed them, cleaned them, and called them to the shelters when we caught them all. None of them could accept them for another week or two, so we asked everyone we knew if they wanted a cat.

Credit: thebestcatpageMy partner eventually found a couple of friends who were willing to accept them, so I brought them back to my place until I had time to transport them six hours to their new home.

Credit: thebestcatpageI was making every effort not to become connected. But, as a cat lover whose 18-year-old family cat had just gone away a few months before, I couldn’t say no. The two young runts that required a little more TLC grew on me.

I pleaded with my boyfriend (who has a little allergy to cats) to let us keep them, and he agreed. So now I’m a very happy cat mom to my two spoilt sons, Luce and Bub (and, despite his denials, my partner is now a loving cat dad).


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