When Baby Develops A Fever, Cat Refuses To Leave His Side

Sonny is just a few months old, but he already has a whole family of pets that adore him. His dog siblings had always been enamored with him, but Mia, his cat sister, took a while to warm up to him. She is now, however, his most ardent defender.

Mia’s favorite thing to do when Sonny first came home from the hospital was to stand back and watch him. She watched after him and made sure there was nothing around that might harm him, and her protective instincts have only grown stronger as she’s come to know him more.

CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/88KNCORBETT“Mia has formed a really deep affection for Sonny in the previous two weeks,” Kasey Boggs, Sonny and Mia’s mother, told The Dodo. “She enjoys observing all of his odd motions, playing with him beneath his teepee, and there hasn’t been a morning when Sonny hasn’t awoken to Mia.”

CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/88KNCORBETTMia loves to hug and play with Sonny whenever she gets the chance, and she is always the first one to meet him when he returns home from spending time with his mother. Mia appeared to sense something was awry when Sonny returned home with a minor fever after having some normal vaccinations the other day.

Boggs stated, “She went straight for the spot where he had gotten his bullets on.” “She was meowing at us as I scooped him up from his carrier, and she was on the bed before I could even set him down. She spent the entire afternoon with him.”

CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/88KNCORBETTMia wouldn’t allow Sonny out of her sight for the rest of the day, and she perked up whenever his mother scooped him up to check on him. She stayed by his side till he showed signs of improvement. Mia adores her brother Sonny and will always be there for him to ensure that he is well and happy.

“She takes her responsibilities as the house’s caregiver extremely seriously,” Boggs added. “It’s what she does for a living.”


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