Woman Smuggles A Cat Into Her Classes Because It Didn’t Want To Be Left Alone

Pets have the magical ability to make every situation ten thousand times better. There are times when you get back home after a long day at work or school all tired and with little to no will to do anything at all, and all it takes for you to feel better is the simple sight of your fluffy one coming to greet you.

There are also other times when you have to go to work or school, but you don’t want to leave your pet alone. Unfortunately, we can’t take our little fluffers everywhere we go… or can we?

Recently, this adorable video went viral on Douyin, and it captures a fluffy feline calmly lying inside a school desk. Apparently, his owner, Ms. Wen, decided to take her one-year-old Munchkin cat along with her to the classroom after he wouldn’t let her leave home without him.

“Ba Dun kept cuddling up to my leg and looking really sad because he wanted me to stay with him,” Ba Dun’s owner told MailOnline. “But I was running late for my class. I couldn’t bear letting him down so I brought him with me to the classroom.”

The footage capturing Ba Dun calmly sitting inside a classroom desk has been shared online and quickly went viral

As you can see, Ba Dun tried his best to stay calm and not to get into any trouble. It’s almost as if he knew he was on an important mission. “He was being really good and didn’t make any sounds,” the owner told MailOnline. Apparently, the lecturer didn’t notice anything unusual and only found out about all of this after the video went viral.

And in case you were wondering, yes, the cat’s name is Ba Dun, and it could be loosely translated as “eight meals.” “He could definitely eat eight meals every day if I let him,” the owner told MailOnline while explaining the origin of the feline’s cheeky name.


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