DMC’s $50k Aero Kit Elevates Lamborghini Revuelto’s Performance

The tuner revealed the first bodykit for the all-new Lamborghini Revuelto, including a sizeable rear wing DMC Finds Lamborghini Revuelto A Little Tame, Tries To Fix It With A $50k Carbon Aero KitIt has only been two months since the official debut of the

Lamborghini Revuelto

and the first customer deliveries won’t take place until the fourth quarter of 2023, but German tuner DMC has already presented a carbon fiber body kit for the new plug-in-hybrid supercar flagship.

While DMC admits that the Revuelto is a “superb looking car” right from the factory, they believe it “can look a little tame” from a distance due to having softer curves compared to the limited-production Sian. In order to fix that, the components were designed to make it look more aggressive, while allegedly improving airflow and increasing downforce.

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