Inkas Presents Armoring Option for 2023 Range Rover

The armored Range Rover can withstand 7.62 mm bullets, as well as two hand grenades detonated simultaneously Inkas Is The First To Offer An Armoring Package For The 2023 Range RoverThe crew over at armored vehicle specialist Inkas has just launched the world’s first armoring package for the latest-generation

Land Rover

Range Rover.

Like other products sold by Inkas, the upgrades it makes to the Range Rover are so subtle that you wouldn’t even know they were there unless someone told you. The protection measures taken mean the luxurious SUV is certified to the CEN 1063 BR6 level so it can protect occupants from 7.62 mm high-power rifle ammunition. It can also withstand two DB51 hand grenades being detonated simultaneously underneath it.

It’s not only the body panels that have been reinforced. Inkas has fitted military-grade ballistic glass, an armored door overlap system to ensure ammunition cannot sneak its way through door seams, and a rear armored bulkhead partition. The Range Rover has also been equipped with new runflat tires with solid polycarbonate inserts.

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