Teddy’s Pranks and Playfulness Earn Him the Title of UK’s Most Mischievous Pet

With a plethora of mischievous acts captured on camera, the competition for the title of ‘UK’s Most Mischievous Pet’ was fierce this year. Camera company Wex Photo Video received an overwhelming response from adoring pet owners across the UK when they launched the competition.

After careful deliberation, the judges crowned Teddy, a lively Great Dane from Larne, Northern Ireland, as the deserving winner. Teddy’s owner, Chris Jordan, snapped a hilarious photo of the sandy-colored pooch during a family outing, sealing the victory.

The winning image showcases Teddy sprinting away from Chris’s partner while carrying her navy trainer in his mischievous mouth, a mischievous glint in his eye. Chris explained, “He is renowned for taking things from around the house and claiming them as his own. I was trying to take a picture of the family but managed to catch him in the act of triumphantly trotting off with my wife’s shoe. He certainly knows how to steal the show!”

As the competition’s champion, Chris, Teddy’s owner, will receive a Petcube camera from the brand and enjoy a photoshoot with the acclaimed dog photographer Cat Race. Furthermore, the brand also showcased the competition’s runners-up.

Representing the avian community, Truffle the cockatiel, residing with their devoted owners in Leeds, made the shortlist. Truffle’s family submitted a hilarious photo of the cheeky bird absconding with a piece of Lego while one of their children played in the background.

Meanwhile, Mouse the greyhound from Leicester attempted to appear innocent amidst feathers strewn about from the pillows they had gleefully shredded. Unfortunately for Mouse, a telltale white feather perched on their nose gave away their playful escapade. Additionally, a daring Labrador was caught on camera attempting to scale their owner’s garden fence using some conveniently placed scaffolding.

Not to be outdone, a playful cat from Atherstone, Warwickshire, exhibited impressive pull-up skills while hanging from their owner’s cherished curtain rails. And that’s not all—a grey moggy was snapped standing inside their owner’s fridge, showcasing their audacious nature.

While one mischievous dog refused to let go of their owner’s hairbrush, another gleefully stuck their head through a peep board to strike a pose alongside their human companion.

Paul Wareham, Marketing Director at Wex Photo Video, expressed their admiration, saying, “We were truly impressed and amused by the level of mischief displayed by all the pets in the competition, but Teddy’s cunning shoe-stealing skills and the beautiful resulting photograph by his owner made him a worthy winner. The overwhelming response to the competition underscores the deep bond we form with our pets and how a perfect photo can capture their playful personalities.”

Paul Wareham, Marketing Director at Wex Photo Video said: ‘We were really impressed, and amused, at the level of mischief displayed by all the pets in the competition.’

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